The overwhelming majority of development in SPI-22 over the past 2 decades has been multifamily residential and restaurants/retail, as indicated in the map below. None of these developments have public plaza space and most of them include massive parking decks or surface parking lots. This is creating a very car-centric, suburban development pattern where residents and patrons drive to their location, stay inside their buildings, and drive away. Additionally, traffic counts along Memorial Drive currently average 12,900 cars daily, which makes the passive greenspace of the Memorial Drive Greenway both uninviting and underutilized. 

The Harp Transmission project responds to this context by providing a complimentary mix of commercial and professional uses to provide a walkable local gathering spot for these residents and an activated public plaza amenity for the Memorial Drive Greenway. 

350 Memorial - Surrounding Development 5.30.17.png


Harp Transmission is inspired by the design of iconic urban spaces around the world and right here in the South. We believe unique, pedestrian-friendly spaces can build connections and foster a sense of community. Whether you call them parks, plazas, or piazzas, they transcend labels and just become great places to be.